Customer Reviews

One of the very best cleaners ever. Works on so many things and even took out two year old dried in paint from carpet without damaging the carpet!

Terry N

We’ve been using RAM All Purpose Cleaner for decades in our Busy, Multi-doctor office. It can eliminate nearly every stain in fabric as well as harder surfaces, and the gentle fragrance is gentle enough for our most sensitive asthma patients. It’s been a lifesaver in this COVID crisis!

Dr Bryan A Born, DC

This is the best cleaning product I have ever used. The scent is a neutral, mild lemon-lime smell. This is a concentrated cleaner. One bottle goes a very long way. It seems expensive up front, but if you do a lot of cleaning it is a great value. RAM will clean ANYTHING. You can use it on almost any surface. It will clean almost any mess.


It takes grease out of everything, clothes, floors, doors, cars, everything is squeeky clean!

Marjorie Kennedy

Ram cleaner is the single best cleaner I have ever used! It gets very stubborn stains off of anything! I use in my laundry to get stubborn stains off of clothing, on carpets, bedding, etc etc. This stuff is the best!!

Lorraine Dwan

This product is great for getting out stains of just about any kind.

Marina T. Larsen

RAM is absolutely the best cleaner I had EVER used. It can be used on clothing, carpets, etc. My brother owns a Marina and his ice machine is left out all winter long. RAM even takes the rust off of metal! I HIGHLY suggest people buy this product.


This product is amazing. It is extremely concentrated so one bottle will last a very long time. Determining the amount to put in a spray bottle with water to wash glass windows was tricky... a 1/8th of a tsp. to 16 oz. of water! But, after that, I washed every window and mirror in my house effortlessly. Seriously! The battle with streaks was won! I have been using Method products (after giving up on Windex) but this product is so much easier when you dilute it enough. The regular strength you use for general cleaning (1 oz. for every 15 oz. of water) is amazing as well. It is totally fragrance-free. And, it has hundreds of uses. It is totally non-toxic and very effective yet gentle on everything. I still like some Method products, but this Ram cleaner has become my new go-to cleaning solution for most everything.


This product always exceeds my expectations. It's an excellent cleaner.

Ever Living Herbs Detox

Excellent product! Gets the job done with no harsh chemical smells.


We had a problem with the roof and water found a path into the house and through the ceiling to the carpet in our daughters room. It left a large stain on the carpet and RAM All Purpose Cleaner got the stain out of the carpet. Would definitely recommend.

Denise F

I work for a restaurant cleaning services company with an international customer base, have used RAM with incredible success on a wide variety of surfaces, saving us a lot of labor time while making fast work of even traditionally problematic grease buildup. We all know how difficult it is to get a good cleaning from employees at the end of the night so I routinely (at my own personal expense) demonstrate and share the product to help clients that use their own labor to elevate their cleaning game. Best of all? Slays grease with no chemical burn if you get it on your skin. I use it on ALL kitchen floor surfaces, stainless, kick plates and much more. LOVE this product.

GW - Jacksonville FL

Gentlemen: More-or-less 30 years ago my wife brought home a bottle of Ram that she purchased from a door-to-door salesman at her workplace. It has been a household staple ever since, and has proven itself - both literally and metaphorically - in multiple applications. I don't believe that any of our children have ever had to purchase from you; a bottle of Ram has been a regular item in our family gift-giving arsenal. Excellent, excellent product. We know this and appreciate it immensely. Thank you, Paul T (and family)

Paul T. - via email