Nature’s Ammo (Quart) Yard & Garden Barrier/Repellent Concentrate for Mosquitoes/Flying Insects



  • NATURE’S AMMO has a PLEASANT SCENT and provides excellent natural control of flying insects! NATURE’S AMMO is effective against mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, gnats, no-see-ums, and many more!
  • NATURE’S AMMO Concentrate includes a number of natural control agents, extracts and essential oils. Our formula is DEET FREE and safe for people, pets, honey bees, and butterflies!
  • Apply NATURE’S AMMO using a Pump Sprayer, Hose Sprayer or sprinkler system automated injector.
  • When mixing no need to guess the right amount or contaminate a household measuring container! Our ‘TIP N MEASURE” Bottle takes the guess work and mess out of the equation.
  • All Natural! Use outdoors to create a barrier to protect your loved ones from the nuisance and bites of flying insects! NO STRONG GARLIC ODOR — you’ll love the unique, pleasant scent of NATURE’S AMMO.
  • This is for the Quart size, Tip N’ Measure bottle. Highly concentrated product. Mix just 6 oz of Nature’s Ammo with 1 gallon of water. 1 gallon of mixed product covers 4000 sq ft.



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Since the beginning of time Mother Nature has orchestrated a delicate balance between the flora and the fauna of our planet. Plants and flowers have had to evolve and learn to live and survive with the community of insects around it. A symbiotic relationship formed between them that saw certain plants, trees and flowers using insects to carry their seeds or pollen to other locations in order to facilitate the survival and expansion of that flora species. Flowers accomplished this by developing nectars or scents that attracted the insect and then sticky pollen hitched a ride on them so they could get to their destination.

Other flowers, trees, plants and grasses evolved different ways of protecting themselves from being damaged by their insect enemies. They produced scents and oils that were effective protective barriers that blocked, repelled, dissuaded or incapacitated these trouble makers.

Humans have also been battling insect pests for as long as we have shared Planet Earth. Because they damage our crops, spread disease and make living outdoors miserable we have devised many methods of dealing with or managing pesky flying insects, including using chemicals that worked well but are also dangerous to humans.

We felt there was a better way, a more natural way. We took our lessons from Mother Nature who has been at this a lot longer then we have.  In developing NATURE’S AMMO we included a number of natural control agents, extracts and essential oils in our solution. We concentrated on finding only the best Mother Nature had to offer in blocking, repelling, disorienting and incapacitating the flying insects that are bothersome to humans. NATURE’S AMMO is a big believer in property rights. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENJOY YOUR PROPERTY. So, for anyone who wants to take back control of their yard with a product that is safe for families and pets, NATURE’S AMMO is the answer. Just follow the instructions on the side panel and RECLAIM YOUR YARD RIGHTS!







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